Birthday Parties

It happens once a year, every year, like clockwork. That’s right—your birthday! Are you looking for a good DJ for your next birthday party, or are you planning a birthday for someone else? Well, look no further! DJ Bud is the perfect emcee for your next big birthday! You bring the guests and he will bring the party!

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DJ Bud has enough styles of music to satisfy the youngest of ages all the way to the golden years! Whatever theme your birthday party is, DJ Bud can cover it! Whether you are looking for live entertainment for your oldest friend’s birthday party, or hip hop music your teenage son’s birthday dance, one thing is for sure: you won’t have to worry about the music –at least– when planning your next birthday bash! All of DJ Bud’s songs have been scanned and cleared for all audiences. DJ Bud takes pride in not playing music that does not contain suggestive lyrics or curse words.

DJ Bud has state-of-the-art lights and sound for a full on show!

DJ Bud can serve as the host for your next birthday event, or just play the music! The decision is up to you. He is more than happy to lead the festivities and takes requests from all audience members. Line dances are guaranteed! DJ Bud will bring the lights, sound, and party ambience to your birthday scene! Throw a birthday party like never before when you hire DJ Bud!

If you would like to hire DJ Bud for you wedding reception or if you have any questions, please email, call (817) 929-9377 today or contact him here!