School dance? Birthday dance? Rainy Day dance?

1084948_487623581321493_602058976_o 1268364_516009608482890_1819270898_oRegardless of the occasion, DJ Bud will bring the party music to your next dance! Wherever DJ Bud goes, people DANCE. DJ Bud has a massive list of your favorite party music, and the lights and booming sound bound to get the entire room on their feet. Party music is found in any genre from rock to hip-hop to country and pop. DJ Bud will switch between the different styles of party music at just the right time to guarantee the dance floor never gets empty.

DJ Bud has state-of-the-art lights and sound for a full on show!

You can’t say the words “party music” without thinking line dances. Even those people who think they cannot dance will get on the floor when a line dance comes on. DJ Bud will make sure to sprinkle the most popular line dances into his party music list–no worries there.

Slow dances are also a must. This is the chance for the “lovebirds” or best friends in the room to have their moment!

DJ Bud takes all requests. He is one of the most flexible, easy going, and adaptable hosts you can hire. If the mood of the room changes, then he will change the party music to match!

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If you need help planning your next dance or need to discuss party music, get in touch! DJ Bud goes above and beyond for all of his clients! He will help you plan the entire event by text, email, Facebook, phone, or even face to face!

If you would like to hire DJ Bud to bring the party music to your next dance, or if you have any questions, please email, call (817) 929-9377 today or contact him here!
Let DJ Bud host your next dance function. It will be a guaranteed great time!